The following speakers are confirmed.
More information will be available soon.

Prof. dr. Makato Arai (Japan), The Impact of AGEs in Mental Disorders
Prof. Akeila Bellahcène (Belgium), Methylglyoxal stress contributes to immunosuppression in triple negative breast cancer
Prof. dr. Mark Cooper (Australia), Activation of RAGE in diabetes and its complications; a therapeutic target
Ass. Prof. dr. Melinda Coughlan (Australia), Impact of glycation on microbiota and/or glycation and gut permeability
Dr. Thomas Fleming (Germany), Methylglyoxal Metabolism: Navigating the Path from the Known to the Unknown
Prof. dr. Vincenzo Fogliano (The Netherlands), The fate of dietary AGE in the gastrointestinal tract
Prof. Vural Gökmen (Turkey), The  impact of acrylamide and other potentially toxic MRPs
Dr. Nordin Hanssen (The Netherlands), Methylglyoxal and complications: a role of the microbiome?
Dr. Armand Linkens (The Netherlands), The impact of dietary advanced glycation endproducts
Dr. Kim Maasen (The Netherlands), Dietary dicarbonyls: friends or foes of human health?
Prof. dr. Vincent Monnier (USA), A historical perspective of the Maillard reaction
Prof. Marianne Nissen Lund (Denmark), Maillard reaction products and amino acid cross-links and the effect of  heat treatment and storage conditions
Prof. dr. Ryoji Nagai (Japan), The impact of glycation and succination in health and disease
Dr. Jean Scheijen, (The Netherlands), Detection of (pre-)AGEs: a critical appraisal
Prof. dr. Ann Marie Schmidt (USA), RAGE/DIAPH1: Implications for the Mechanisms and Treatment of Cardiometabolic Disease
Dr. Sarah Shuck (USA), The impact of CeDG for vascular complications.
Prof. Frédéric Tessier (France), Ultra-processed foods and adverse health effects: many mechanistic hypotheses - including glycation - but what is the scientific evidence?
Prof. dr. Paul Thornalley (United Kingdom), Methylglyoxal stress in diabetes and its complications
Dr. Philippe Vangrieken (The Netherlands), Unravelling the paradox: dietary methylglyoxal a cure for diabetes?
Prof. dr. Yasuhiko Yamamoto (Japan), The impact of RAGE  for oxytocin dynamics in the body and brain
Prof. dr. Carola Zillikens (The Netherlands), Detection of AGEs with SAF in age-related diseases; an epidemiological approach